Best 40+ Good Night Texts

What could be the best time to share your love, romance and tight hugs with your loved one than a silent night. Night is the best time when we talk and feels what exactly our partner want us to be so always keep your words full of love continue with your partner at night. Here we have made a list of Good Night Texts that you should share with your friends, family and lover. Saying good night to your partner is not only your wish but it should be your responsibility that you must work on.  Watching a good night wish from a person particular who we love is the most happy moment for everyone lying in this world so never ruin your relationship by lacking of these small things. Poke your besties with the Good Night Text we are providing you here.

Good Night SMS

The best relation U have with is pillow,
bcz U hug it when we r happy, 
U drop tears on it when U r sad, 
U punch it when angry, 
u relax on it when tired,
now it’s time to go to ur pillow
Lovely nite
Chweett Dleamms
One two three
get rid or every worry
watch moon nd galaxy
feel dreamy excity
Good night my love
Go and wash your face and feet
it’s time to fall asleep
eyzz r weak nd lips can’t speak,
hope the night will be sweet
Lovable night sweetheart

The sun sets and moon comes,
little stars so bright in night
to say you a sweet good night
love you!
Hlo cutipiee,
wishing U a romantic Good Night
Sweet Dreams!!
Sun can’t be red,
Ocean can’t be blue,
i won’t be happy,
without disturbing U 😉
Good Night
Well wishers and true persons 
are the stars of our life that shine constantly 
but we gradually fail to see them 
until dark hours come to our life.
Wishing u a good night!!

Romantic Good Night SMS
A beautiful face,
Stunning smile
Special some 1
Tight hug from me 2 u
A special person i found in You
Sweet Dreamss my love!!
Why V cloz our eyes when,
we cry,
we pray,
we dream
the most beautiful things in d world can’t be seen 
but can be felt by heart only
Good Night!!
All my nightmares become sweet when i think about U. Thinking about U bring me nothing but heavenly dreams. 
Good Night Sweetheart!!

I never scared of nightmares because thinking about U, take me out of every nightmare. Good Night my love!!
Night is full of stars, moon, silence, calm, love, peace but it is still incomplete for me because i haven’t wish you a good night yet. Good Night, Sweet Dreams!!
I wish this night for you wud be full of love, peace, comfort and thoughts of me only. Sweet Dreams!!
Every night i think of the best star in my life then you come to my mind. Thank U for being in my life. Good Night!!

Good Night Msg

When the sunlight starts to dimmer and moonlight starts to brighter then it’s the time couple to think on. This is the time when everyone who is in relationship want to be with her/his partner. Give your partner the warmth of your hugs and kisses through the Romantic Good Night Msg that are given in this post. You will here find the best collection of these sms that you have never find anywhere. Make the night special of your partner by texting her/him with these messages. Spend your time with your lover as much as possible and especially at night because night is the time where we share our every feeling. So never get disappointed with your lover and live every moment like it is your last one.
The girl i love the most in this world is You. U have given me all that i expected. I thank U thousands times for fulfilling my life with joy and happiness. Good Night my love!!
Millions of days can’t give me that happiness which i have to have U in my life. Have a good night and sweet dreams.
No matter how far are you from me but we are together in our hearts. You are that shining star which make my life brighter day by day. Good Night my love!!
I woke up in the middle of the night and thought something was missing….it was, i had forget to wish u good night nd sweet dreams!!
It’s high time to go to bed…immediately fall asleep so that we can meet earlier in the morning. Good Night my love Sweet dreams!!
You were on my mind whole day and night that’s why i thought of texting to you with a Sweet Good Night!!
I wish God would sprinkle magic dust on you to make you more beautiful when you wake up in the morning. Good Night sweetheart!!
I have nothing to do in this lonely night…i am sending a good night wish to you to tell you that i love you more than myself.
I was atheist until i met me but god sent you to me as an angel that is unexplainable and has no end to love. Sweet Dreams my love!!
Looking at moon in the mid of night really brings a smile on our face…so open your window and see that our two bodies but one soul is looking at the same world. Good Night!!
Sweet Good Night Text

I wish everyday that i fall asleep after you so that i can send you a good night wish full of warmth of our love that you will see in the morning. Sweet Dreams my love!!
I always want to be one and only who comes into your dreams from late night you hit your head to pillow till you wake up early in the morning. Good Night ….Sweet Dreams!!
I hope you hear the lubb dubb sound of my heart beats and always says me that say to your love that i love you so much exclusion of all else. Good Night.
Have a happy and journey of full joy in the night till i meet you in the morning. Good Night.
I thank to god and special thanks to you who made my day so happy and full of happiness. It’s time to sleep and i’m waiting for the day as i’m going to meet you again. Good Night..Sweet Dreams!!
My world comes to stop when i think about you..Do u feel that?
Good night … sweet dreams.
Neither i’m a poet nor a shire who can describe his feeling easily. But i can say that i love U with all my heart which is more than anything else in my world. Good Night my love!!
Cute Good Night SMS

When daylight becomes darken hue….twinkling stars are hinting at you…and your heartbeat says you that someone is greatly missing you. Sweet Dreams my love!!
Tonight i pray moon to give you light and i wud ask my angels to hug you tight to make you sure that you are alright. Good Night my love!!
I have shared all my secrets wid you…the happiest moment i shared wid u….all the ups and downs i told you and you are the one who always support me. It’s a blessing to have lover like you. Good Night my love!!
It may be cold nd dark but when U cloz your eyes and i cloz mine, we meet in dreams holding each other tight. Good Night Sweetheart.
Keep in mind always – never go to bed angry…plot a revenge. Good Night .. Sweet Dreams!!
I suggest you the best way to get a man to do something is to ask him he’s too old to do it. hehe…Good Night…Sweet Dreams!!
My goal in life in to get any fame, wealth or to get popular but i want to live only for U. Good Night .. Sweet Dreams my love!!
Certainly everybody has an annoying friend but if don’t have one then definitely you are. Good Night my dear!!

Dear sweetheart, asking if i’m hungry is like if i want money. My answer is always YES. Good Night my angel!!
Whenever there is a problem, i see your face because it is worse than my problem. Good Night my friend!!
“ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890*#” Thank God all my keys are working properly. Have a good night and sweet dreams.
Time is the most valuable thing in everyone’s life and if he/she is giving you his/her time then you are everything for him/her. Good Night my love!!
Here you read the post about Good Night Love Text to your partner. After lots of efforts we have done these unique msgs that you should share with all you loved ones. I hope you liked this post. If there is any mistake that has been done then please aware us via comment. Thank you!! Have a prosperous life.!


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